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Residential Mail Order
Sharpening Service

In addition to our weekly knife exchange program for commercial users, we are proud to
offer our expert knife sharpening skills to the home chef or casual cook. You will be amazed at how much easier you can slice and dice.

Residential Mail Order
Sharpening Pricing

We charge $1.10 per inch of blade length plus UPS shipping and any applicable sales tax. Don't have a box to send them in? Just email us and we will get one right out to you with a UPS return label. Fill out the info sheet, wrap knives securely and drop off at any UPS pick up location or hand it to any UPS driver. It's that easy! When we receive your dull knives we will call you with a total cost and payment can be made by credit card at that time. Then, your expertly sharpened knives will be shipped back from our location within 48 hours.

Break the Dull Habit!

Have you spent a small fortune on a good set of cutlery, only to be disappointed at how they perform? Let us put the edge on your knife like it’s never had before.

Send them to us and restore their edges to peak performance. A knife is only as good as it cuts. Here at Ambrosi Cutlery, we sharpen knives all day long. We do it best and we pass the test.

We are the premier residential mail order knife sharpening services company in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the USA. We ship knives nationwide.

Hassle Free Shipping

Call or email us and we will ship a knife box anywhere in the country with a prepaid UPS return shipping label enclosed, as well as a mail-in order form. Simply pack your knives securely in the knife box, hand it to any UPS driver or drop it off at any UPS store. It's that easy! Once we receive your knives, we will sharpen them and have them ready to ship back to you within one to two business days.

Testimonials from our Residential Clients

Robert, my sharpened knife set was returned yesterday afternoon. Another fantastic job; I’m good to go for several months. I appreciate your services and professionalism. Additionally this is the second time (two for two) that your folks received, sharpened and returned my knives on the same day. Since UPS ground shipping is generally two days, your rapid turnaround really helps minimize the time that I am without the knives. Thank you. I will continue to recommend your services to everyone who will listen! Anyway, another great job. Thank you, Kim and your entire group. I’ll be back again.

Peter Marshall
Brewster, NY

I brought in all of my Wusthof, Global and Ergo-Chef knives to be sharpened for the holidays. These are high end cutlery. Robert did an amazing job on short notice. The knives are incredibly sharp and cut better than new. I would not hesitate to to recommend Ambrosi.

Tom M
Brewster, NY

Although my son has been using your sharpening services for years, I just experienced it for the first time. I just used my knives for the first time since you sharpened them - Amazing. Although I don’t have "professional cutlery," I do like my knives. To say they are SHARP is an understatement. They are now cutting like they should have from the start. Love it. No more dull knives for me. I'll be back. Thanks again.

John J Smith

I love that with all your restaurant clients like chef Casella, Robert will always make time to sharpen my knives when I drop by. Ambrosi is seriously the best and I appreciate their razor sharp edges on my knives every day.

Patrice Costa