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A Dull Knife is a Dangerous Knife

Any restaurant, caterer, supermarket, or food processor that uses knives on a regular basis needs a knife sharpening maintenance program in place on a regular basis. According to Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, studies have shown that a sharp knife dramatically reduces the chance of injury and improves productivity.

We've all heard the old adage 'a sharp knife is a safer knife.' The implication is that a dull knife requires excessive forces, and these forces can cause users to lose control, slip, and sustain serious cut or stab injuries. A sharp knife, by contrast, requires less force to maneuver, provides more control, and generally reduces the risk of such injuries. While these common assumptions may be true, Liberty Mutual Senior Research Scientist Raymond McGorry, M.S., P.T., is convinced that the safety benefits of sharper blades extend even further…

'The reduced cutting time associated with sharper knives also has important safety implications,' adds McGorry. 'The time saved by using a sharper knife could be applied to longer or more frequent microbreaks, which could help workers recover and rest their muscles between tasks.'

Occupational Knife Safety, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety
Autumn 2008

Our expert knife sharpening services, however, are not limited to the commercial services market. In addition to the services we offer to commercial users such as restaurants, we are proud to offer our expert knife sharpening skills to the home chef or casual cook.


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