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Started in 1930 by Giacomo Ambrosi in New York City, Hudson Valley based Ambrosi Cutlery has been providing hands-on professional knife sharpening services to local businesses for four generations. Giacomo taught the expert knife sharpening craft to his son Leo, and even to his grandson, Robert, who worked with his grandfather after school since the age of 10. Throughout that time, the Ambrosi Cutlery name has become synonymous with excellence in the commercial knife sharpening arena.

Today, Ambrosi Cutlery is proudly owned and operated by Robert and his two sons, Mark and Jason, who are proud to say that many of New York City’s finest chefs, supermarkets and butchers employ the services of Ambrosi Cutlery to handle all of their expert & professional knife sharpening needs.

“And what do professionals do? Chefs and butchers do their own daily (or several times a day) honing. Some do their own sharpening.  But many New York top chefs and butchers just call Robert Ambrosi.”

- The City Cook

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Quality Cutlery

We supply quality professional cutlery, specifically designed for commercial
applications.  In addition, our clients appreciate our HACCP, color-coded, sanitary
knives which help reduce cross contamination.

Trained Professionals

Finally, all of our sharpening technicians undergo a rigorous training program.
We use state of the art knife sharpening equipment and techniques, combining
current technology with traditional expertise.

Why Choose Ambrosi Cutlery?

In short, because to us, quality is more than a buzzword;
it’s the last word in everything we do.

Located in the Hudson Valley of NY, Ambrosi Cutlery provides professional knife sharpening throughout NYC, NJ and CT.

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Ambrosi Partnerships

Ambrosi Cutlery is the exclusive
supplier for Fairway.

Ambrosi Cutlery is the proud
Supplier to Yankee Stadium and
Legends Hospitality Management.